Engineered for a close, comfortable shave.

Bladebox razors are everything you need for a smooth and comfortable shave; sharp and durable blades, a flexible hinge that contours to your face, and an aloe lubricating strip for a smooth finish.



Our ergonomically designed, heavy weight, handle is all you need for a well balanced, close shave. Its comfortable, easy to hold and great for giving you that perfect shave. Best of all its FREE with your first Bladebox order!



Our razor blades come in both 3 and 5 blade design, both with a vitamin E and Aloe lubricating strip. They flex on the handle allowing contouring to the face. All our customers can’t tell the difference between these and the expensive high street names.


Your blades are posted on a schedule of your choosing either every month, 6 weeks or every other month. This is done automatically for you so no need to remember to shop again. You can amend your schedule whenever you want in your online account.


We have all been there, you have an important meeting or night out, and you have run out of razors! This is no longer a problem and one less thing for me to think about. Razors delivered to me for free and for less money than the ones in supermarkets. Why isn't everything this easy?

Chris Mitchell

I have just replaced my current razor with these, I ordered on a whim and at such a low price, thought why not. Its amazing what a decent, sharp razor can make to shaving, it's now a pleasurable experience. I will be recommending to my friends, thanks.

Nick Russell

I have previously only used Gilette as my skin is sensitive, so was wary about trying Bladebox. I had nothing to worry about, this product is up there with the best of them but so much cheaper AND I don't have to remember to buy them. First class and no hesitation in recommending.

Kyle Williams

Like most of my friends that wet shave, there haven't been many options available, and they are so expensive! Not anymore!! Thank you Bladebox

John Carroll

The quality of the razors really surprised me They are better than a leading brand which I pay over double for. Having them delivered to me is a bonus, I don't worry about running out anymore.

Billy Wade

I opted for the 3 blade razors, delivered every 2 months. This works out perfect for me as I don't need them that often due to having a beard. I don't have to remember to order them, they just arrive. Superb.

Edward Dyer